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Bluestock Advisors is a woman-owned consulting firm that provides C-Suite executives and board members in the home industry a powerful combination of growth strategies and market insights to help them create long-term impact, address high-stakes challenges and market opportunities, and create a lasting competitive edge. Our unique approach combines powerful experience-driven insight, proprietary tools, deep industry perspective, and change management principles to grow total company value. 

WHO WE Serve

Our clients are typically CEOs and CCOs who recognize they need a step change in their value growth capabilities. They need to develop a deliberate plan to aggressively grow their organization’s market value, perhaps because they're newly public, have a new CEO or CFO, see tremendous growth opportunity, feel competition gaining on them, or their stock is distressed. They are seasoned leaders and change agents who understand the power of working with trusted advisors during periods of both turbulence and calm.   

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Jennifer Merritt

Founder and President


Our vision is simple. For our clients: offer high-touch, high-value advisory services distinct from what large consulting firms offer. For ourselves: apply our skills (strategy + operations + deep sector expertise) and passions (home and retail goods + long-term relationships) to build a firm that fosters growth, creativity, and agility while being champions for women in the workforce.


Bluetsock Advisors has assembled a uniquely qualified team of experts with decades of experience with the top retail and consumer packaged goods companies in the world. First, we guide clients through an uncompromisingly honest assessment of how they're operating today. Then we apply our decades of consulting and hands-on operating expertise to help them define their future-state destination and create a roadmap to close gaps within the desired timeline. Each recommendation we make is designed to help clients capitalize on changing market dynamics and sustainably grow total company value




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