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OUR Story

Jennifer and Shannon met over a decade ago at Home Depot while they were Senior Managers trying to navigate moving up the corporate ladder. They were introduced by a Senior Director who thought the two of them had a lot in common; they were ”smart, driven women with intangible qualities that made them unstoppable.” And that was the beginning of one of the most significant professional relationships in both of their careers. They ended up working together at Home Depot, and both left Home Depot at the same time to hone their skills, Jennifer into the consulting world and Shannon back into equity research.


Then one day in June 2019, while having one of their martini lunches, they decided the time was right to come back together and write their own story. The vision was simple – identify the white space that needs their combined skillsets (strategy + operations + capital markets), and build a firm aligned with their own passions. On a professional level, one that fosters growth, creativity, and agility. On a personal level, one that is a champion for women in the workforce.


In fact, their carefully selected name and logo embodies this belief, and represents who they are. The name Bluestock is derived from The Bluestockings which were a famous/infamous group of women in the 18th century who defied societal gender norms by actively involving themselves in both literature and politics. They were trail blazers against the broader backdrop of women’s suffrage, with a passion for the arts and intellectual curiosity. 


The flower logo represents nature, or science. They look to nature to reveal reality, how things are and not how they should be. It also reminds them of evolution - the importance of pushing boundaries, however painful; evolve or die.

Combined, Jennifer and Shannon believe their unique approach—using science and data to inform the art and insights that lead to decisions—results in growing total company value. 


Shannon Coyne has decades of experience in retail and the capital markets industry analyzing consumer companies. She built her career on securing impeccable financial acumen while attaining operational excellence to become a well-versed leader that can tackle opportunities from a differentiated vantage point. She is forward thinking and passionate about delivering creative solutions to every-day or complex problems that drive both short-term results and long-term performance.


Shannon Coyne, CFA 

Co-Founder and President


Jennifer Merritt

Co-Founder and President

Jennifer Merritt is an energetic and passionate leader with decades of experience in the retail and consulting industries. She is focused on delivering significant, measurable value for her clients through expertise-based, high performing teams. She has a strong bias for action and is able to establish a clear, simple vision to drive both short term results and long term, sustainable performance. Jennifer has a growth mindset and approaches opportunities with the right balance of practicality and optimism.

Meet The Team

OUR Clients

Who are our clients? Simply put, Bluestock Advisors’ clients are our friends.

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