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OUR Story

From retail B2B origins to laser focus on home industry B2B.


After spending several years in retail at leading brands such as Home Depot, Jennifer moved into traditional consulting. In that role she quickly ascended to leadership, guiding strategy and client relationships for the consultancy's retail industry vertical team.


In June 2019, after many years of successfully building teams and client relationships, Jennifer decided it was time to write her own story. She struck out on her own to fill a gap she saw in the consulting services available to retailers. In 2023, she decided to sharpen her focus even further to help clients in the home industry - namely home improvement, home services, and home furnishings - create economic value, grow revenue and market share, and create competitive advantage through business and category transformation. 


What is "Bluestock"? Jennifer and her team believe in honoring history while looking forward and maintaining a challenger mindset for the benefit of Bluestock clients. The name and logo is derived from The Bluestockings, a famous - and infamous - group of women in the 18th century who defied gender norms by involving themselves in literature and politics. They were trailblazers against the broader societal backdrop of women's suffrage, with a passion for the arts and timeless intellectual curiosity. 


The flower logo represents nature and more importantly, the science it embodies. Nature reveals reality, reflecting how things are, and not how they should be. It also embodies evolution - the importance of pushing boundaries, taking risk, and the mandate to examine, evolve, and thrive... however painful, evolve or die. 


Jennifer Merritt is an energetic and passionate leader and client advocate with decades of experience in retail and consulting. She understands first-hand the pressure retail executives face and is focused on delivering significant, measurable value for clients through expertise-based, high performing teams. She has a strong bias for action and is able to establish a clear, simple vision to drive both short term results and long term, sustainable performance.


Jennifer has a growth-first mindset and approaches opportunities with a unique balance of practicality and optimism. Among her colleagues and clients, she quickly becomes known for her refreshing blend of directness and warmth.


Jennifer Merritt

Founder and President

Meet The Team

OUR Clients

Who are our clients? Simply put, Bluestock Advisors’ clients are our friends.

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