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Scale your business at speed.

Our Vision for You 

We help our clients define and manifest what they wish to create in this world, both professionally and personally. At Bluestock Advisors our focus is on your goals and your needs, driven by the insights of the Bluestock Advisors experts. 

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Our Clients

Our clients are our friends because we've been in the trenches together. We have navigated, defined and executed BIG strategies together, sweat over a few deadlines, and collaborated on strategic initiative roadmaps to crush the competition.

Our Pitcrew
Jenny Clay portrait

Jenny Clay

Strategy Consultant

As a Georgia Tech Mechanical Engineer, Jenny began her career in product development. She then joined Home Depot's Internal Audit Leadership Development Program. Upon graduation from the leadership program, Jenny was a merchant for several categories.

Elizabeth Searcy portrait

Elizabeth Searcy

Strategy Consultant

With over 20 years of consulting experience, Elizabeth brings extensive brand strategy knowledge to our clients. Her experience has taught her the importance of discipline in developing a brand; using data, and understanding where to insert the art.

Julie Singh portrait

Julie Singh

Strategy Consultant

With two decades of rich experience in retail merchandising, finance and e-commerce, Julie offers our clients unparalleled insights into retail growth strategies and digital marketing excellence.

Reet Singh

Strategy Consultant

As a former Director of Merchandising for The Home Depot, Reet has a record of success driving sales, managing vendors, implementing process improvement, and developing merchandising and services strategy.

Ashley Plaugh portrait

Ashley Plaugh

Strategy Consultant

Specializing in project management, Ashley has more than 15 years of experience in the retail industry. She has overseen operations and managed teams for national Fortune 500 clients across various verticals, achieving year-over-year annual profit growth.

Erica Yates

Strategy Consultant

Erica is a skilled management consultant with experience helping executives communicate, drive and deliver value to their clients, employees, and companies. 

Josie Nielson portrait

Josie Nielson

Society Blue Coordinator

With years of experience in a family business and in the retail industry, Josie Nielson has built a strong personal and professional network through her work in industry and through years of community volunteering. She never meets a stranger and hosts our clients and guests with the utmost in Southern hospitality.

Cielle Fulmer portrait

Cielle Fulmer

Financial Analysis

An experienced finance manager, Cielle's engineering background allows her to approach problems with an inquisitive perspective and a hunger to understand the entire process. This allows her to ultimately drive change to create a more efficient and effective process.

Lori Howell portrait

Lori Howell

Field Research

As an interior designer, Lori brings a keen eye for detail to the team as she conducts countless retail store walks and CPG product comparisons to provide our clients with critical primary research. She travels to desired locations and can also activate a national network of other field researchers.

Mary Parker portrait

Mary Parker

Director of Operations

For over 20 years, Mary has served in administrative positions in both professional and volunteer settings. She has a natural appreciation for structure and organization and finds great satisfaction in working behind the scenes to enable her team's success.

Mr. Blue the Rooster portrait

Mr. Blue


Blue is a rooster full of fun and charm. The unofficial mascot of Bluestock Advisors, Blue keeps calm under pressure. Blue lives on a farm with a collection of fancy and rare birds.



Katie Jacobs

Strategy Consultant

During her 16 years in the Strategic Growth Office at a Fortune 500 Company, Katie developed a great depth and breadth of expertise in researching, analyzing and evaluating opportunities for expansion within retail organizations. Her knowledge extends to online and in stores.

Our Pit Crew

Our team is an all-star cast of experts from across the retail industry: merchants, strategists, financial and marketing experts. Not only does the Bluestock Advisors team bring decades of practical experience and true 'ownership mentality,' but also a thoughtful and nurturing approach to defining and achieving strategic goals and objectives. 

Our Extended Network

With a more than 150 combined years in the industry, the Bluestock Advisors team has a vast network of industry experts to further multiply our effectiveness. We rely on these extended team members to unlock deeper insights, unique to our combined team, for the benefit of our clients        


Senior executive communications specialists


Top global retail data scientists

Bluestock Advisors logo


Merchandising operations specialist in things like space planning and pricing


Marketing resources with creative execution


Home improvement category experts


Jennifer Merritt

Bluestock Advisors logo

Jennifer is a visionary leader with a strong drive for action, known for her ability to craft clear and concise visions that deliver short-term wins and long-term sustainability.


With a focus on growth, she approaches opportunities with a unique blend of practicality and optimism, earning praise for her straight-forward and warm approach.

Her experience spans manufacturing, retail, and consulting. She served as the Global Lead for Retail and CPG at The North Highland Company for over 14 years, working with key clients including The Home Depot, Lowe's, Tractor Supply Company, and The Coca-Cola Company. Prior to this, she held roles at The Home Depot, Deloitte Consulting, and Procter & Gamble, bringing a wealth of experience in process improvement and industrial engineering.        

Jennifer with Mr. Blue

About Our Clients

"Our clients are our friends because we've been in the trenches together."

We have navigated, defined and executed BIG strategies together, sweat over a few deadlines, and collaborated on strategic initiative roadmaps to crush the competition.


When we get involved, we seek first to understand the market our clients are pursuing and help them find the white space, the untapped opportunities, and modern approaches to taking market share.


For more than 50 retail and CPG companies, we have solved thorny problems, challenged one another, contemplated possibilities over coffee or wine, and celebrated successes of all sizes with our friends - our clients: CEOs, CCOs, CMOs.

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Society Blue is a diverse community of high achieving female executives who recognize that success is long-term, holistic, and transcends professional milestones.

Our purpose is to help you create the life you desire.

Queries via our form or email are answered within two business days.  


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Our Clients

The Numbers 

We have 100's of experts in our extended network that are available to help our clients. Many of them are exclusive to Bluestock Advisors.


Residential construction investment is on an upward trend of 4.5% during the forecast period (2024-2029)


  US Home Improvement size

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  We seek ROI of 10:1 or better on our engagements


  Years combined retail industry experience


We help clients grow in each 6 sub-sectors of commercial construction

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