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Our clients are our friends because we've been in the trenches together. We've navigated, defined and executed BIG strategies together, sweated over a few deadlines, and collaborated on technology roadmaps to crush the competition. We've optimized supply chain processes to increase volume while decreasing costs. For more than 40 retail and CPG companies, we've solved thorny problems, challenged one another, contemplated possibilities over coffee or even a late-night pizza, and celebrated successes of all sizes. We have learned to finish each other's sentences, and we have achieved great things together!

Our clients are our friends because we care about each other's passions, interests, and successes. It's said if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. Truly, if we could have any job in the world, this would be it. We are passionate about the home industry, and we love advising our clients and friends who are as well. When not working, we're thinking about consumers and their connection to our clients. We shop in our clients' stores, in our clients' clients' stores, read reviews online, and sneak constant peeks at competitors so we might capture the nugget that helps our client win. We are just as passionate about our clients’ success as they are. Our clients tell us they sense our passion and it's why they followed us from previous roles and choose to work with us again and again.

Our clients are our friends because we care deeply for each other. We put long-term relationships above commercial gain. We have enjoyed our clients’ weddings. We have hosted baby showers and celebrated school graduations. We have offered a hug and a shoulder to cry on as our clients mourn losses or career changes. We break bread together and often offer a festive toast! We love and truly enjoy our clients. We consider it a great honor to be part of their lives and their professional journeys. Our lives are certainly richer because of our clients!

At Bluestock Advisors, we have worked very hard to have the privilege to choose the work we do, and who we do it with. Repeatedly, we choose our friends whose drive to succeed, warmth, and professional ethics align with ours. Thank you for being one of them.

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