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GROWTH Strategy


  • Current state assessment. We use a wide range of methodologies, advanced analytics and financial modeling to develop current state, competitive landscape, financial benchmarking, and trend analyses. 

  • Enterprise-wide strategic development. We leverage our proprietary Strategy Mapping methodology to help clients develop detailed, actionable growth roadmaps to guide the development of their organization’s core competencies, value proposition, internal capabilities, and financial and ESG performance.

  • M&A strategy and acquisition targeting. We develop our clients’ M&A strategy and identify and qualify target companies that meet strategic criteria. 

One of the biggest challenges for retail and CPG leaders today is building a clear connection between enterprise strategy and company value. We help our clients strengthen the connections throughout the strategy-to-value cycle. This cycle begins with defining the enterprise strategy and its flow down to functional strategies. As these operational strategies evolve into discrete initiatives that are prioritized, funded, and implemented, our teams guide clients to accurately measure results of these critical initiatives. The business results inform the true economic profit of the company. Economic profit, coupled with a well defined and delivered investment thesis and business narrative becomes the basis of valuation and market capitalization.


Bluestock Advisors have great depth of experience in retail and CPG strategy, operations, and valuation to support your value growth journey.



  • Enterprise Strategy Maps

  • Functional Strategy Maps

  • M&A Advisory

  • Brand Acceleration

  • Initiative prioritization and business cases

  • Executive and board communications