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Category Transformation

Strengthen your category eco-system with our skilled team

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Portfolio Strategy

One of the most exciting tools a merchant can have is a Portfolio Strategy, a framework that defines the relative importance (role and intent) of product categories to align the organization on time and resource investment in space allocation, mark-down dollars, advertising spend, and even talent assignments. This data-driven solution makes a huge difference in the Merchandising and Merchandising Services teams and is one of our favorite approaches to develop and roll out for clients.

Winners Keep on Winning

Unlocking Success:
The Essential Guide to Merchandising Transformation

Merchandising transformation isn't just about change—it's about strategic evolution to enhance customer experiences and drive business value. Many large retailers in the U.S. have undergone merchandising transformations, some even multiple times in the past decade. The most successful ones took the time to define their goals, involve their teams, and create a multi-year plan for significant improvements, guiding their organizations through the process of change.

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As a Georgia Tech Mechanical Engineer, Jenny began her career in product development. She then joined Home Depot's Internal Audit Leadership Development Program. Upon graduation from the leadership program, Jenny was a merchant for several categories.

She is a strategist who will roll up her sleeves and get in the weeds with your team to deliver strategies that seamlessly integrate into the business to solve immediate business goals.

Strategy Consultant

Jenny Clay

We help our clients gain a deep understanding of their customer segments to develop category and product assortments that deliver a unique value proposition. We give the insights and tools needed to make smart decisions using a blend of data and merchandising expertise.

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