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Case Study: Gain Competitive Advantage with Bluestock Advisors' Competitor 360 Benchmarking Analysis

Written by Julie Singh, Bluestock Advisor Consultant

In today's fiercely competitive market, brands must continuously adapt and innovate to maintain their market share. Bluestock Advisors, a leader in strategic and market insights for the home industry, offers a comprehensive solution through our Competitor 360 Benchmarking. This powerful competitor benchmarking analysis is designed to help clients gain critical insights into their competitive landscape, informing choices in areas such as assortment, pricing, branding, channels, and use of social media. 

A Recent Client Engagement 

Recently, Bluestock Advisors assisted a client struggling to maintain market share. Through an extensive benchmarking analysis of 10 key competitors, Bluestock Advisors followed the customer's journey from Awareness to Consideration to Purchase. This deep dive into go-to-market channels and product mix revealed core strategies that underscored the importance of digital excellence, strategic channel management, and a customer-centric assortment strategy. 

The insights provided by Bluestock Advisors have empowered the client to launch a brand refresh and develop a robust marketing strategy for 2024. By focusing on designer collaborations, expanding their social media presence with a strong emphasis on video content, enhancing creative assets, and guiding consumers towards informed choices, the client is now poised to leapfrog the competition and secure a competitive edge in the market. 

competitor benchmarking analysis

Will this solution benefit your organization?  

Bluestock Advisors' Competitor 360 Benchmarking provides a framework and analysis tailored to meet specific client needs and objectives, offering services such as market position analysis, identifying competitive advantages, market entry strategy, product development, pricing strategy, marketing and promotion, customer experience improvement, investor relations, and strategic decision-making. 

For businesses ready to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead in their industries, Bluestock Advisors offers the expertise and insights necessary to navigate the challenges of the market. Contact Jennifer Merritt, Founder and President of Bluestock Advisors, at to discuss your competitor benchmarking needs and forge the path to success. 


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