MARKET Intelligence


  • Custom research. Common research topics include addressable market analyses, brand , customer satisfaction studies and supplier capability reviews.

  • Alternative data sets. We use and develop alternative data sets to inform clients on current industry and product trends. 

  • Thought leadership. Development and publication of custom or syndicated white papers on issues of importance to consumer companies, speaking/workshop delivery for employee training, board presentations, and client events.

As management teams seek to establish credibility with the investment community, two of the most valuable tools are the earnings algorithm and their econometric models. Wall Street makes it their business to decompose and analyze financial performance and it is critical that senior leaders control the narrative by creating a highly defensible earnings algorithm and understanding every element of it with absolutely no hesitation. Likewise, a true stand-out executive will also know the external factors impacting their market and be able to explain them better than anyone else in the world.


Bluestock Advisors guides our client in researching and developing best-in-class models and trains senior executives on using them to effectively drive the value narrative.



  • Earnings algorithms

  • Econometric models

  • Training on models